1x Skirt 8x Looks – How to Style our Handwoven Pencil Skirt

1x Skirt 8x Looks – How to Style our Handwoven Pencil Skirt

How do you style a pencil skirt in the current season? Not just any skirt. We’re talking about a very special one: our Raffia handwoven pencil skirt, made from Bolgatanga, a traditional heritage fabric that’s created by weaving together black, white and yellow organic cotton threads on a traditional handloom, this case, into a ‘guinea fowl’ print pattern.

The fabric originates from Northern Ghana, and is normally used to make traditional men’s smocks. Our partner in Ghana, Raffia are harnessing this traditional fabric to create beautiful pieces that are perfect for cooler weather and urban styling.

Ferdinand, our stylist had a lot of fun putting together some fabulous moodboards using the woven pencil skirt. He’s created looks for work and weekend, highlighting its versatility by pairing it with a variety of tops in different colours and shapes for a more casual and super-formal style. The skirt, fully lined and tailored to a very high standard, is available in store and online in sizes Small to Large, at £80.

Be inspired by the looks:



Closeup of the guinea fowl blue. (Bolgatanga, Upper East Region, Ghana)

Handwoven Bolgatanga fabric strips being stitched together to create the fabric. Photo: Raffia Ghana

One of our weavers, Mr. Ateere, on a traditional loom weaving cotton threads into fabric strips. (Sambolgo, Upper East Region, Ghana)

A traditional loom with Bolgatange fabric strips being woven. Photo: Raffia Ghana

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