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Ferdinand Yap has been a fashion stylist to the celebrities since 2006. He grew up in the fashion world, and even tried his hand at modelling when he was still in college. After graduating, he decided that styling was his true calling and since then he’s never looked back, styling for beauty queens and celebrities. Ferdinand now works as a freelance fashion stylist for different fashion brands around the world.

Ferdinand has worked with Sapelle, creating stunning looks and moodboards and bringing them to you via the company’s social media platforms since 2013.

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Daphne Kasambala calls herself a reformed banker who’s had one eye on the fashion scene since learning to design and make clothes as a teenager. She has lived on three continents: Africa, North America and Europe and her career journey led her from a Graduate role at an African retail bank to a Director role in a London City financial institution, then on to establishing a London fashion retail startup (Sapelle) 20 years on. Daphne’s excited by the growth going on around Africa, and her contributions to this blog come from a natural curiosity about business, style, cultural heritage and innovation and of course African fashion.

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Mariam Bashorun

Mariam Bashorun is the creator and editor of the blog amu.dat, which was initially developed in 2011 as an African fashion blog showcasing the wealth of creative talent from the region that had gone largely unnoticed in mainstream media. The blog has since grown to not only cover African fashion but also beauty, skincare and general African woman in London matters. Mariam is a trained journalist who’s written for a number of publications.

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Zidza Katenga is an up and coming lifestyle blogger and general living-your-life-to-the-fullest advocate. A university student in Port Elizabeth, South Africa, Zidza aims to work in Fashion Retail Marketing when she graduates and uses her blog Rules of Carpe Diem to inspire herself and others to live.

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