Welcome to Our Blog

Welcome to Our Blog

Welcome to Sapellé Style.


Contemporary, stylish and conscious is how we’d best describe our way of thinking.

Contemporary: Wherever it is we’ve come from, we believe that we should strive to make the best of our life journeys, and that our experiences enrich us. We recognise beauty in our diversity and strength in our unity of thought and purpose.

Stylish: We want to look great without breaking the bank or destroying the planet; Sapellé Style has an eye for the unique, the fresh and the beautiful, and will bring you cool style trends and interesting concepts from the fashion and design world.

Conscious: We care about the world and are inspired by those who make it a better place; we’re passionate about  ethical and social  responsibility when it comes to living life and doing business. We believe in giving people a fair shot to use their skills and talents to be self-sufficient; we are hugely excited to see that mainstream fashion, music, film, art and design – and their audiences are opening up to this concept.

We hope you enjoy our news, stories and musings on all of these wonderful things.


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