Sapelle CEO to Speak at Africa Rising Conference

Sapelle CEO to Speak at Africa Rising Conference

05081104-daphne kasanbala-013Daphne Kasambala, Sapelle’s founder and CEO will sit on a panel discussing African fashion and the luxury fashion industry at the upcoming Africa Rising 2014 international conference running between 10 and 12 June, 2014 at Cunard Building in Liverpool.

Africa Rising 2014 will draw a diverse international audience from various industries and sectors, exploring why Africa is the economic landscape of the future and what this means for stakeholders and players. Africa Rising is part of over two hundred events within the International Festival for Business series. International Festival for Business is a global gathering of the world’s most inspiring businesses; an arena where pivotal industries converge to exchange ideas, products and contacts.

The conference  is the result of an exciting convergence between innovative thinking, government policy and will to win, IFB 2014 will connect the smartest entrepreneurial minds with the best business opportunities in the world.

Taibo Bacar (Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Africa)

Taibo Bacar

“As ever, I’m excited to be a part of the dynamic discourse around Africa and the opportunities it offers for entrepreneurs like myself, consumers – both local and international, and the benefits this will have on their respective economies” states Kasambala.

“I think the conference is timed perfectly, when we’re seeing increasingly positive economic performances from several African regions, indicating fertile opportunity for investment and engagement by the international business community. For Sapelle in particular, Africa’s emergence as a viable manufacturing and consumer base means that we can benefit from a wider supplier base; and also look to Africa as a potential marketplace to offer our products.’

Kasambala will be speaking on 12 June on the ‘Made in Africa’ panel, which will explore topics such as the creation of a sustainable market for luxury brands globally; education and skills development – building capacity for manufacturing; and Africa’s changing role from influencer to producer in the luxury fashion industry.

For more information and to book your place, click here for Africa Rising event page.

Photographs courtesy of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Africa.

Thula Sindi (Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Africa)

Thula Sindi

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